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Open access: Cancer Prevention - From Mechanisms to Translational Benefits

Chapter 1 Targeting Tumor Microenvironments for Cancer Prevention and Therapy by Li V. Yang, Reid D. Castellone and Lixue Dong

Chapter 3 Staying a Step Ahead of Cancer by Somaira Nowsheen, Alexandros G. Georgakilas and Eddy S. Yang

Chapter 6 Lifestyle Changes May Prevent Cancer by Budimka Novaković, Jelena Jovičić and Maja Grujičić

Chapter 9 Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention for HIV-Infected Women in the Developing World by Jean Anderson, Enriquito Lu, Harshad Sanghvi, Sharon Kibwana and Anjanique Lu

Chapter 10 Chemopreventive Activity of Mediterranean Medicinal Plants by A.C. Kaliora and A.M. Kountouri

Chapter 11 Dietary Manipulation for Therapeutic Effect in Prostate Cancer by Carol A Gano, Kieran Scott, Joseph Bucci, Heather Greenfield, Qihan Dong and Paul L de Souza

Chapter 12 Phytoestrogens as Nutritional Modulators in Colon Cancer Prevention by Michele Barone, Raffaele Licinio and Alfredo Di Leo

Chapter 13 The Therapeutic Potential of Pomegranate and Its Products for Prevention of Cancer by Arzu Akpinar-Bayizit, Tulay Ozcan and Lutfiye Yilmaz-Ersan

Chapter 15 Early Detection: An Opportunity for Cancer Prevention Through Early Intervention by D. James Morré and Dorothy M. Morré

Chapter 16 Creating a Sustainable Cancer Workforce: Focus on Disparities and Cultural Competence by Maureen Y. Lichtveld, Lovell Jones, Alison Smith, Armin Weinberg, Roy Weiner and Farah A. Arosemena

Chapter 18 Prevention and Therapeutic Strategies in Endometrial Cancer by Dan Ancuşa, Gheorghe Furău, Adrian Carabineanu, Răzvan Ilina, Octavian Neagoe and Marius Craina

Chapter 19 Reducing False Positives in a Computer-Aided Diagnosis Scheme for Detecting Breast Microcalcificacions: A Quantitative Study with Generalized Additive Models by Istvan FeherJavier Roca-Pardinas, Maria J. Lado, Pablo G. Tahoces and Carmen Cadarso Suarez

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